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Greetings fellow Alterworld Online traveller. This Altercoins guide is intended for players looking to understand Donation and what you can do with your Altercoins


  • Alterworld Online is a free-shard, available to all players
  • Donations provided will support Alterworld Online to uphold server costs relating to the server and ongoing updates, upgrades and maintenance of the shard
  • To say thank you for any donations provided to Alterworld Online, you will receive Altercoins ($1 USD = $1 Altercoin)
  • Altercoins will be able to be used on Promotional Vendors, available in the major cities around the world
  • To Donate, please visit the Donation link on the wiki or on our main webpage
  • Once donations are received, Altercoins will be allocated to your in-game player account

Locating the Promotional Vendor NPC

Promotional Store Items

  • Promotional vendors will have rare Alterworld Online items (e.g. Rare clothing, rare hue cloth, rare lanterns, mounts and devices) that can be purchased only using Altercoins
  • You can trade these items for gold from other players, if you chose to department from them
  • Promotional vendor will the standard items available throughout the year
  • Seasonal or event specific items (that will only be released for a limited time on major dates or international holidays throughout the year) will be available
  • Seasonal or event specific items will, at times, never return on the server