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This Race Information guide is intended as an information portal for players looking to make a decision on which race to select to begin their character journey (or whether to change their race after prestige). It will cover key differentiators in each Race and where your selection will take you as you progress through Alterworld Online.

Race Lore

Human (Player difficulty level: Starter/Moderate)

The city of Britain and the hard-working civilians within serve as reminders of Human resilience, diversity and spirit. Although their former ruler Lord British has fallen in the battle of the long night, Humans continue to prosper, standing equal with the rest of the world that threatens their very existence. In the battle of the long night, Humanity’s long and tragic history lead other races to think of them as a dying race that belongs to another age, but humans knew otherwise, defeating the evil races and pushing them back to there homelands. Lord British fell leading the cavalry in battle. His fall sparked anger and the human spirit echoed through the battle field. Even the youngest Humans know about the great human figures of the battle and the time has come for a new hero to walk in their footsteps.

Humans are known for their warrior spirit, exceptional blacksmithing work and advanced trade technique. Humans have an increased carrying capacity above what is determined by their strength and have a better chance at finding more resources while gathering hides, ores or lumber.

Dryad (Player difficulty level: Moderate)

The majestic Dryads dwell within the vast expanse of mountains, valleys, and ravines, serving as the guardians of these sacred lands. They possess an unparalleled connection with the spirits, being the sole beings who heed their beckoning. Endowed with remarkable intellect, the Dryads possess boundless wisdom regarding the secrets of nature. Their mastery in the arts of bowcraft, archery, and musicianship is renowned throughout the realm, earning them a legendary status. When engaged in battle, their agility knows no bounds, swiftly and relentlessly overpowering adversaries with remarkable ease.

Varkolak (Player difficulty level: Difficult)

Once ruling over a large portion of the lands of Britannia and kneeling to the six gods of darkness, the Varkolak have cast aside religion when they fell to the Humans in the battle of the long night. Victory is the only option is the principle the Varkolak race standby and when there people were cut down by the very Humans that hunted them for centuries, they felt the gods had turned their backs on their people.

Their strict military culture ensured the remaining Varkolak had a place in the world but were forced to live in the darkness of the Britainnia underground tunnels where they continue to rebuild. Although the Varkolak once again control their ancestral homeland of Buccaneers Den, their grip is not as tight as they would like. The battle of the long night was centuries ago but the Humans continue to wage war on the Varkolak as the ghosts of what may have been loom over Britainnia.

Varkolak are known for there military culture, dark magery practices and there ability to survive at all means. Varkolak have the ability to fly using there powerful wings at a speed equal to being horse mounted and increased meditation ability.

Race Appearance


  • Uses Alterworld Online general armor and weaponary
  • Male & Female genders can be selected


  • Uses Alterworld Online general armor and weaponary
  • Female gender can only be selected


  • Can only use Varkolak armor and weaponary
  • Blood Bottle replaces bandage healing (the use of bandages and the 'Healing' skill disabled for Varkolak)
  • Can not use mounts, replaced with flying that is equal to the speed of a mounted player
  • Male & Female genders can be selected

Race Starting Skills

  • When you arrive in Cove, New Player Town, you will be prompted to select 2x skills to be set at 65. The remaining skills on your race list will start at 35. The skills that you will have an option of selecting will be dependant on the race you select. Choose wisely!


  • Blacksmithy
  • Lumberjacking
  • Carpentry
  • Mining
  • Swordsmanship
  • Tailoring
  • Tactics


  • Animal Lore
  • Animal Taming
  • Musicianship
  • Peacemaking
  • Herding,
  • Fletching
  • Archery
  • Spellweaving


  • Magery
  • Alchemy
  • Evaluate Intelligence
  • Meditation
  • Spirit Speak
  • Focus
  • Necromancy
  • Throwing

Race Skills

All races specialise in a different aspect of the Alterworld Online world. These will provide bonus's in particular specialisms or skills to allow your character to be further advanced then other players in the specialisms assigned. Just like normal skills, race skills will need to be learnt and mastered overtime. As you progress your race XP and become a veteran in your race, your race skills will become more advanced with it.


  • Titan: Stone carry bonus, Strength bonus, HP regen bonus
  • Blade Master: Swords skill bonus, Bladedance cooldown, Arms Lore bonus
  • Artisan: Blacksmithy bonus, Tinkering bonus, Mining/Lumberjacking bonus


  • Way of the bow: Archery skill bonus, Dex stat bonus, Tactics skill bonus
  • Nature's Gift: Rare harvest chance increase, Dendrophilia cooldown, Night sight
  • Animal Whisperer: Extra stable slots, Pet stat bonus, Taming skill bonus


  • Dark Focus: Magery skill bonus, Mana regen bonus, Int stat bonus
  • Blood Seeker: Flying ability, Blood regen bonus, Tracking skill bonus
  • Death Dealer: Anatomy skill bonus, Throwing ability, Shadowstrike cooldown

New Ultima Online Player Skills (OSI skills and Masteries)

  • The Chivalry skill is only accessible by the Human race
  • The Necromancer skill is only accessible by the Varkolak race
  • The Spellweaving skill is only accessible by the Dryad race
  • All other OSI skills and masteries are disabled and can't be used by players on Alterworld Online

Race Special Attributes

Special attributes are moves or abilities that are unique to your race. These will provide advantages in different circumstances through your journey on Alterworld Online. Attributes, just like skills, will need to be mastered overtime. As you continue to use your special attributes, race your Race XP and level your character, you will make gains up to 100 (providing shorter cooldowns for when you can next use this special ability).


  • Bladedance


  • Night Sight
  • Dendrophilia


  • Flying
  • Shadowstrike