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This Race XP & Levelling guide is intended as an information portal for players looking to understand how to level their character. It will cover high-level information for players to understand and begin their journey on Alterworld Online.


  • The XP system is directly linked to crafting and PVM
  • Your Race XP will increase depending on the difficulty of the monsters you're killing or item you're crafting
  • The Race XP required to unlock the next Race level in your progress will exponentially increase as you progress through the Race levels
  • Your Race level will directly determine the amount of Prestige points you will obtain when/if you decide to Prestige your character (visit the Prestige page for more information on this point)

Race XP / Level Rewards

  • As you progress through your Race XP / Level, you will receive Race specific items and character changes at milestones in your progression
  • Key milestones: Level 5, Level 10, Level 25, Level 30
  • The race rewards gump will automatically appear once you hit the level needed to collect your item or trigger your character change
  • If you would like to think through your choices and collect your items at a later date, you will use the command [racerewards to re-open your gump after closing

How do I keep track of my progress?

  • You can check on your progress by hovering your pointer over your player character (this will provide a view of remaining XP required to reach the next Race level, a progress bar and your current Race level)
  • Your race level will also be viewed by other players in your name tag or by hovering over other players


  • Prestige is the process of reincarnation on Alterworld Online, this means you will have the option to jump into the Alterworld Online lava pit, reincarnating your soul to allow you to select a new Race journey (Please note: This will restart your XP points / race level you have obtained)
  • You will arrive back on the Alterworld Online docks, whereby you will be able to select a new race (or remain the same race), restarting your XP and race level
  • Depending on your race level / XP at the time of Prestige, you will obtain Prestige points
  • Prestige points obtained will increase depending on the time of reincarnation/prestige. The higher the Race Level, the higher the amount of Prestige points received
  • Prestige points will allow you to purchase items, mounts, bonus's and other unique experiences (e.g. Access to the Prestige only dungeon, with increased chances to obtain rare monster drops and Prestige dungeon specific items) that can only be obtained via Prestige points
  • Prestige points can also be donated to your guild, allowing your guild to accumulate prestige points and purchase guild items, bonus's or custom housing to support the health of your team
  • Visit Prestige Information for more insight!