Settlers Island

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The Settlers Island page is an information guide for players looking to rent a property for their player or guild on Alterworld Online


  • Players and Guilds can rent housing (in the form of land property and Ocean property) at Settlers Island
  • Settlers Island can be found as an option on the Alterworld Online travel portal, located in the major cities
  • Players can rent a maximum of 1 property on Settlers Island
  • The price of the rental property is determined by the size, lock-down capacity and position
  • Player vendors are able to be placed on your property for players to shop items you chose to put on the market

How to Rent a property

  • Available property will have a rental signed at the doorstep of the property
  • Hover your curser over the sign to see a summary of the cost, rental period, lockdown and secure amounts
  • Click the sign if you would like to rent the property, complete the necessary information (including your property name) and click rent to proceed with rental services
  • When rental is successful, the sign will disappear and the doors will assigned to your player
  • Standard housing commands can be used in Rental Properties
  • Visit the new house sign, that will appear after rental services begin, to see the options/menu associated with your property