Race Attributes

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This Race attributes guide is intended as an information portal for players looking to understand special attributes (moves or abilities) that are unique to the race you are selecting.

Race Skills

All races specialise in a different aspect of the Alterworld Online world. These will provide bonus's in particular specialisms or skills to allow your character to be further advanced then other players in the specialisms assigned. Just like normal skills, race skills will need to be learnt and mastered overtime. As you progress your race XP and become a veteran in your race, your race skills will become more advanced with it.


  • Titan: Stone carry bonus, Strength bonus, HP regen bonus
  • Blade Master: Swords skill bonus, Bladedance cooldown, Arms Lore bonus
  • Artisan: Blacksmithy bonus, Tinkering bonus, Mining/Lumberjacking bonus


  • Way of the bow: Archery skill bonus, Dex stat bonus, Tactics skill bonus
  • Nature's Gift: Rare harvest chance increase, Dendrophilia cooldown, Night sight
  • Animal Whisperer: Extra stable slots, Pet stat bonus, Taming skill bonus


  • Dark Focus: Magery skill bonus, Mana regen bonus, Int stat bonus
  • Blood Seeker: Flying ability, Blood regen bonus, Tracking skill bonus
  • Death Dealer: Anatomy skill bonus, Throwing ability, Shadowstrike cooldown

New Ultima Online Player Skills (OSI skills and Masteries)

  • The Chivalry skill is only accessible by the Human race
  • The Necromancer skill is only accessible by the Varkolak race
  • The Spellweaving skill is only accessible by the Dryad race
  • All other OSI skills and masteries are disabled and can't be used by players on Alterworld Online

Race Special Attributes

Special attributes are moves or abilities that are unique to your race. These will provide advantages in different circumstances through your journey on Alterworld Online. Attributes, just like skills, will need to be mastered overtime. As you continue to use your special attributes, race your Race XP and level your character, you will make gains up to 100 (providing shorter cooldowns for when you can next use this special ability).


  • Bladedance


  • Night Sight
  • Dendrophilia


  • Flying
  • Shadowstrike