Fighting Pits

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This Fighting Pits page is intended as an information portal for players looking to understand the Fighting Pits of Alterworld Online.


  • The fighting pits can be located on the Alterworld Online travel portal
  • They can also be found West of Britain Bridge
  • The fighting pits provide players an opportunity to challenge themselves against other players in 1v1 PvP duels
  • Fighting Pits will provide players the ability to experience Alterworld Online's Open World PvP system or Sphere 55i (mage based) PvP system
  • The PvP option (Sphere 55i or Alterworld Online custom Sphere 51a) can be selected when creating a match through the Croupier at the Fighting Pits


  • Visit the Croupier for available matches or start your own match
  • The matches available will be displayed in the Croupier window
  • Accepting a match will teleport you into the fighting pit managed by a referee (best of 3 rounds)
  • Should a single match exceed 2 minutes, monsters will start to spawn and randomly aggro a target in the match
  • Monsters will continue to get harder as the match time continues to grow
  • Wins and gold earned will be displayed in the 'scoreboard' section of the croupier menu against other players on Alterworld Online

Creating a Match

  • Double click the croupier and select 'Create Match'
  • Select the terms of the duel (gold, pvp style, item inclusions)
  • Create the match
  • Your match will now appear on the croupier list for players to accept the challenge

Accepting a Match

  • Double click the croupier and review the list of available matches
  • Accept the match terms and start the match


  • All duel wins will be logged in the 'scoreboard' section and a seasonal winner will be announcement (every 3 months)
  • Scoring is based on Wins and Gold earned during the Season
  • Seasonal winners will win a prize at the end of the Season (PvP points and/or a Alterworld Online rare item)