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This page is intended to give an overview of Alterworld Online's dungeons. Although dungeon names remain, the dungeons have been altered or upgraded to provide players a new monster hunting experience while embarking on their journey through Alterworld Online.

General Information

  • Dungeons on Alterworld Online are newly embedded dungeons.
  • The same names and location exists as the original Felucca map, however you will experience new dungeons with new monsters and challenges
  • Each dungeon has a Dungeon Boss on the final level for players to challenge themselves (Boss content is recommended to be done in a group, unless you're an extreme UO player who is looking for a challenge!)
  • Mark, Recall and Gate Travel spells are disabled in Alterworld Online dungeons
  • In order to exit dungeons, you can either exit via the front entrance or via dungeon travel portal's that exists in different levels of the dungeons
  • Dungeon travel portals will only be able to be used if you're not in active PVP combat (i.e. you are attacking someone) or flagged a criminal
  • Some dungeons will allow mounts and other will not

Display Name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Difficulty Boss Room
Cavern of Beginnings NA NA Beginner (New Player) No
Covetous Moderate Yes
Wrong N/A Moderate Yes
Destard Hard Yes
Ice Dungeon N/A Hard Yes
Khaldun N/A N/A Hard Yes
Prestige Dungeon N/A N/A Extremely Difficult Yes

Cavern of Beginnings

  • Cavern of Beginnings is designed for new players of Alterworld Online
  • Cavern of Beginnings, attached to Cove, is the best place to start with your newly create character
  • Cavern of Beginnings, has a 3.5x boost on skills gain up to 80 skill points (you will not be able to gain a skill past 80 at Cove or the Cavern of Beginnings) - excluding crafting related skills
  • Cavern of Beginnings is located South West of the main square
  • To enter the Cavern of Beginnings, you must be on foot (no mounts are allowed)

Covetous Dungeon

Destard Dungeon

Wrong Dungeon

Ice Dungeon

Khaldun Dungeon

Despise Sewers, Prestige Dungeon