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This Code of Conduct page is intended for players to read prior to joining the Alterworld Online community and online gameplay. The following are the rules of conduct that all players that join on Alterworld Online are expected to follow. Creating an account or joining our discord, you are agreeing that not only have you read these rules, but that you understand and agree to adhere to them. These rules are subject to change when deemed necessary by the administrative team of Alterworld Online.


  • Please respect Staff and the Alterworld Online player community
  • Threats or aggressive behavior towards staff will not be tolerated
  • Strictly no racism
  • Treat others like you expect to be treated, let's enjoy the journey on Alterworld Online together!


  • Role playing is not enforced on Alterworld Online (it is optional)
  • Please respect players who would like to Role play and do not harass or bully them ingame or on discord (Let everyone enjoy Alterworld Online the way they wish to enjoy it!)