Bounty Hunting

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This Bounty Hunting guide is intended as an information portal for players looking to understand how to become a Bounty Hunting grandmaster on Alterworld Online and the benefits involved. It will cover high-level information for players to understand and begin Bounty Hunting career journey on Alterworld Online.


  • Bounty Hunting is a skill mastered by completing monster contracts via the Monster Contract Dealer (available in each major city on Alterworld Online)
  • The Monster Contract your character is offered by the Monster Dealer and the amount of points you will obtain for completion of a job will be dependant on your Bounty Hunting skill level and/or previous jobs completed
  • The more contracts you complete, the more skill points in 'Bounty Hunting' you will gain and the more 'Bounty Points' (Reward points) you will receive
  • Bounty points collected can be used to purchase rare items, clothing, mounts and bonus's available for purchase from the Monster Contract Dealer


  • Accept a job through the Monster Contract Dealer
  • Purchase a monster beheader cleaver from the Monster Contract Dealer
  • Journey around Alterworld Online to find the Monster job accepted
  • Kill the monster and use the cleaver (double click - target the monster) to claim it's head
  • Once the contract is complete, return to the Monster Contract Dealer to claim your points and skill increase

Bounty Hunting Store & Rewards

  • When players complete a contract, the will receive bounty hunting points that can be used in the vendor store.