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Alterworld Online | Development Update 2.0

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Hail Community!

Welcome to the latest development updates for Alterworld Online, the Ultima Online free-shard that aims to provide a unique and thrilling new gameplay experience for all old school Ultima Online players. As our community continues to grow, we are committed to refining and expanding the game to bring you the most immersive world possible. We will continue to provide regular updates on progress made while we work towards our beta and official opening dates. In this update, we will be sharing the newest features, improvements, and events that our team has been diligently working on outside of the already comprehensive developments we have implemented on Alterworld Online (please visit our website, lore/wiki page, forums and discord for more details).Please see below the current items we are working through prior to beta testing and official launch:

Pending Tasks:

Map Markers

Adding map markers across Alterworld Online towns and dungeons to provide players easy references to POI (points of interest).

Alterworld Online Launcher

Finalize design and implementation of the Alterworld Launcher, allowing players to easily update files as they are released without having to download new files and easy login option via Razor or UOsteam.

Points System

Finalize implementation of the reward points systems and associated stores across Bounty Hunting, PvP (Valor) and Prestige, with unique items (clothing, mounts, attributes, PVM enhancements and more) that can be purchased and/or traded in the market using points obtained through hunting, events, PvP and player race xp / levelling.

Completed: Bounting Hunting & Prestige Points & Reward Stores
Pending: PvP (Valor) Reward Stores

Fighting pits

Final adjustments to the fighting pits, providing players the option to challenge other players in either the custom Alterworld sphere pvp system (more aligned to 51a sphere) or 55i sphere style pvp. This is to stay in line with our goal to cater to all old school sphere enthusiasts

Despise Sewers, Dungeon accessible via Prestige

Completion of a new custom dungeon, only accessible to players who have purchased entrance keys via prestige reward points. The dungeon will have unique monsters and increased chance to find rare monster drops.

Alterworld Online Side-Quests Systems

Finalize day-to-day gameplay quests for Alterworld Online players, including Autolycus (an AI thief who steals from AFK players, whereby players need to sneak into his house to steal items back) and Orc jail (a jail you may find yourself if you adventure into the wilderness and will need to find a way out) and more!

Alterworld Online Casino

Implementation of Casino gameplay (e.g. Texas Holdem and Slot machines) to allow players the option to gamble with gold.

Completed Tasks:

Alterworld Online Event System

Working on implementing Alterworld's 'City Rebellion', A faction based PvP / Team event, where players work in teams to capture and control points across the major Alterworld cities.

Alterworld Online Lore / Wiki

Embed comprehensive guide for players to understand Alterworld Online and the many wonders of our world on our website: (Wiki:

We look forward to continuing to provide updates as we progress and would value feedback/suggestions and recommendations on any items we list leading up to our beta release date!

Trailer Video: ... orldOnline

Prestige Process Highlight: ... orldOnline

Join us on Discord for more regular updates or to register interest in the Alterworld Online beta testing!

Lastly, I want to express our gratitude for the amazing Alterworld Online community and the engagement we have had to date on our discord channel! We are truly blessed to have an incredible community of players (now over 120 players patiently waiting for our official launch date). We are excited for all of them to experience the world of Alterworld Online.

Thank you,

The Alterworld Online Development Team